verb \ˈwēld\

: to hold (something, such as a tool or weapon) in your hands so that you are ready to use it

: to have and use (power, influence, etc.)

Full Definition of WIELD

transitive verb
chiefly dialect :  to deal successfully with :  manage
:  to handle (as a tool) especially effectively <wield a broom>
a :  to exert one's authority by means of <wield influence>
b :  have at one's command or disposal <did not wield appropriate credentials — G. W. Bonham>
wield·er noun

Examples of WIELD

  1. The man was wielding a gun.
  2. Can he wield a hammer?
  3. He wields a great deal of influence over his students.

Origin of WIELD

Middle English welden to control, from Old English wieldan; akin to Old High German waltan to rule, Latin valēre to be strong, be worth
First Known Use: before 12th century

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