adjective \ˈwā-tē\

: having a lot of weight

: very important and serious

: having the power to influence the opinions of other people


Full Definition of WEIGHTY

a :  of much importance or consequence :  momentous <a weighty problem>
b :  solemn
a :  weighing a considerable amount
b :  heavy in proportion to its bulk <weighty metal>
:  powerful, telling <weighty arguments>
weight·i·ly \ˈwā-tə-lē\ adverb
weight·i·ness \ˈwā-tē-nəs\ noun

Examples of WEIGHTY

  1. She grabbed a weighty book off the shelf.
  2. The film deals with some weighty issues.
  3. Those are weighty arguments in your favor.
  4. He was a weighty figure in the art world.

First Known Use of WEIGHTY

15th century

Synonym Discussion of WEIGHTY

heavy, weighty, ponderous, cumbrous, cumbersome mean having great weight. heavy implies that something has greater density or thickness than the average of its kind or class <a heavy child for his age>. weighty suggests having actual and not just relative weight <a load of weighty boxes>. ponderous implies having great weight because of size and massiveness with resulting great inertia <ponderous elephants in a circus parade>. cumbrous and cumbersome imply heaviness and bulkiness that make for difficulty in grasping, moving, carrying, or manipulating <wrestled with the cumbrous furniture> <early cameras were cumbersome and inconvenient>.

Rhymes with WEIGHTY

WEIGHTILY Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈwā-tē\

Definition of WEIGHTY for Kids

:  having much weight :  heavy
:  very important <a weighty discussion>


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