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weft knit


Definition of weft knit

  1. :  a knit fabric produced in machine or hand knitting with the yarns running crosswise or in a circle — compare warp knit


play \-ˌni-təd\ adjective

weft knitting



First Known Use of weft knit


Rhymes with weft knit

a bit, acquit, admit, armpit, backfit, base hit, befit, bowsprit, bushtit, catch it, cesspit, close-knit, cockpit, commit, cool it, culprit, cut it, demit, dimwit, dog it, do it, emit, firelit, fleapit, gaslit, get it, gill slit, godwit, hack it, half-wit, hard-hit, henbit, house-sit, legit, lit crit, make it, mess kit, misfit, mishit, moonlit, mosh pit, nitwit, no-hit, obit, omit, outfit, outwit, owe it, peewit, permit, pinch-hit, Prakrit, press kit, pulpit, refit, remit, rough it, sandpit, Sanskrit, scratch hit, snakebit, snake pit, starlit, stock split, submit, sunlit, switch-hit, tar pit, tidbit, tight-knit, tomtit, to wit, transmit, turnspit, twilit, two-bit, unfit, unknit, warp knit, watch it, well-knit

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a block used as a base for a statue

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