verb \ˈwēn\

: to start feeding (a child or young animal) food other than its mother's milk

Full Definition of WEAN

transitive verb
:  to accustom (as a young child or animal) to take food otherwise than by nursing
:  to detach from a source of dependence <being weaned off the medication> <wean the bears from human food — Sports Illus.>; also :  to free from a usually unwholesome habit or interest <wean him off his excessive drinking> <settling his soldiers on the land… , weaning them from habits of violence — Geoffrey Carnall>
:  to accustom to something from an early age —used in the passive especially with on <students weaned on the Internet for research> <I was weaned on greasepaint — Helen Hayes> <the principles upon which he had been weaned — J. A. Michener>

Examples of WEAN

  1. The calves are weaned at an early age.

Origin of WEAN

Middle English wenen, from Old English wenian to accustom, wean; akin to Old English wunian to be used to — more at wont
First Known Use: before 12th century
WEAN Defined for Kids


verb \ˈwēn\

Definition of WEAN for Kids

:  to get a child or young animal used to food other than its mother's milk
:  to make someone stop desiring a thing he or she has been fond of <I weaned myself off sweets.>
Medical Dictionary


transitive verb \ˈwēn\

Medical Definition of WEAN

:  to accustom (as a child) to take food otherwise than by nursing
:  to detach usually gradually from a cause of dependence or form of treatment


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