noun \ˈwelth also ˈweltth\

: a large amount of money and possessions

: the value of all the property, possessions, and money that someone or something has

: a large amount or number

Full Definition of WEALTH

obsolete :  weal, welfare
:  abundance of valuable material possessions or resources
:  abundant supply :  profusion
a :  all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value
b :  all material objects that have economic utility; especially :  the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one time <national wealth>

Examples of WEALTH

  1. a nation that has acquired great wealth
  2. someone whose sole goal is the accumulation of wealth
  3. Her personal wealth is estimated to be around $10 billion.
  4. What percentage of the national wealth is spent on health care?
  5. I was impressed by the wealth of choices.
  6. Libraries offer a wealth of information.

Origin of WEALTH

Middle English welthe, from wele weal
First Known Use: 13th century

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