noun \ˈwl-(ˌ)nət\

: a type of tree that produces large nuts which can be eaten

: the nut of a walnut tree

: the wood of a walnut tree

Full Definition of WALNUT

a :  the furrowed nut of any of a genus (Juglans of the family Juglandaceae, the walnut family) of deciduous trees; especially :  the large edible nut of an English walnut
b :  a tree that bears walnuts
c :  the wood of a walnut that is often used for cabinetmaking and veneers
:  a moderate reddish brown

Examples of WALNUT

  1. The banana bread has walnuts in it.
  2. The recipe calls for a cup of chopped walnuts.
  3. a table made of walnut

Origin of WALNUT

Middle English walnot, from Old English wealhhnutu, literally, foreign nut, from Wealh Welshman, foreigner + hnutu nut — more at welsh, nut
First Known Use: before 12th century


geographical name

Definition of WALNUT

city SW California E of Los Angeles pop 29,172


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of about 20 species of deciduous trees in the genus Juglans, family Juglandaceae. Black walnut (J. nigra) of eastern North America and English, or Persian, walnut (J. regia), native to Iran, are valuable timber trees that produce edible nuts. The butternut (J. cinerea) of eastern North America also produces an edible nut. The walnut family contains an additional seven genera of flowering plants, found mainly in the northern temperate zone in a variety of habitats. Pecan and hickory are among the many family members that are prized for both their edible nuts and their strong, attractive woods, especially noted for their grain patterns and lustre. Leaves of the walnut family are feather-like; tiny, resinous scales that look like yellow dots on the undersurface of the leaflets give Juglans species a pungent aroma.


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