noun \ˈvəl-chər\

: any one of several large birds that eat dead animals and have a small and featherless head

: a person who tries to take advantage of someone who is in a very bad situation

Full Definition of VULTURE

:  any of various large birds (families Accipitridae and Cathartidae) that are related to the hawks, eagles, and falcons but have weaker claws and the head usually naked and that subsist chiefly or entirely on carrion
:  a rapacious or predatory person
vul·tur·ish \-chə-rish\ adjective

Examples of VULTURE

  1. As soon as they learned of his arrest, the media vultures started circling.
  2. <noted that the paparazzi are vultures who could not exist without the connivance of the tabloid-buying public>

Origin of VULTURE

Middle English vultur, from Anglo-French, from Latin
First Known Use: 14th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

A bare-headed, keen-sighted bird of prey in any of 22 species found mainly in warm regions. New World vultures (family Cathartidae, related to storks) are 24–31 in. (60–80 cm) long. Old World vultures (family Accipitridae, related to eagles) include the smallest (20 in. [50 cm] long) and the largest vulture species. The cinereous, or black, vulture (Aegypius monachus), one of the largest flying birds, grows to about 40 in. (100 cm) long, weighs almost 30 lb (13 kg), and has a 9-ft (2.7-m) wingspan. Most species eat carrion, garbage, and excrement, but some will occasionally eat a live animal. See also condor; marabou; turkey vulture.


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