noun \ˈvōg\

: something (such as a way of dressing or behaving) that is fashionable or popular in a particular time and place

Full Definition of VOGUE

archaic :  the leading place in popularity or acceptance
a :  popular acceptation or favor :  popularity
b :  a period of popularity
:  one that is in fashion at a particular time
vogue adjective

Examples of VOGUE

  1. the new vogue for scarves
  2. His art seems to be enjoying a vogue these days.
  3. When did Thai food come into vogue?
  4. That style went out of vogue years ago.

Origin of VOGUE

Middle French, action of rowing, course, fashion, from voguer to sail, from Old French, from Old Italian vogare to row
First Known Use: 1571

Rhymes with VOGUE


voguedvogu·ing or vogue·ing

Definition of VOGUE

intransitive verb
:  to strike poses in campy imitation of fashion models especially as a kind of dance
vogu·er \ˈvō-gər\ noun

Origin of VOGUE

from Vogue, a fashion magazine
First Known Use: 1989

Other Dance Terms

attitude, honor, saltatory, sashay, taw


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