noun en·thu·si·asm \in-ˈthü-zē-ˌa-zəm, en-, also -ˈthyü-\

: strong excitement about something : a strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy

: something causing a feeling of excitement and active interest : a hobby that someone feels enthusiastic about

Full Definition of ENTHUSIASM

a :  belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit
b :  religious fanaticism
a :  strong excitement of feeling :  ardor <did her work with energy and enthusiasm>
b :  something inspiring zeal or fervor <his enthusiasms include sailing and fishing>

Examples of ENTHUSIASM

  1. The party supported its candidate with enthusiasm.
  2. He seems to lack enthusiasm for the work he's doing.
  3. Among his latest enthusiasms are sailing and fishing.
  4. Hour by hour, minute by minute, Guerrero is a racehorse, sitting upright in a chair, revising copy, clarifying names and places, sprinkling the reports with jokes while a producer talks in her ear—then delivering with breakneck speed and unflagging enthusiasm. —Joel Drucker, Cigar Aficionado, May/June 2003


Greek enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein to be inspired, irregular from entheos inspired, from en- + theos god
First Known Use: 1603

Synonym Discussion of ENTHUSIASM

passion, fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, zeal mean intense emotion compelling action. passion applies to an emotion that is deeply stirring or ungovernable <was a slave to his passions>. fervor implies a warm and steady emotion <read the poem aloud with great fervor>. ardor suggests warm and excited feeling likely to be fitful or short-lived <the ardor of their honeymoon soon faded>. enthusiasm applies to lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity <never showed much enthusiasm for sports>. zeal implies energetic and unflagging pursuit of an aim or devotion to a cause <preaches with fanatical zeal>.

Rhymes with ENTHUSIASM

ENTHUSIASM Defined for Kids


noun en·thu·si·asm \in-ˈthü-zē-ˌaz-əm, -ˈthyü-\

Definition of ENTHUSIASM for Kids

:  strong feeling in favor of something <There were wild shouts of enthusiasm at this suggestion. — E. B. White, Stuart Little>


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