noun vit·ri·ol \ˈvi-trē-əl\

: harsh and angry words

Full Definition of VITRIOL

a :  a sulfate of any of various metals (as copper, iron, or zinc); especially :  a glassy hydrate of such a sulfate
b :  oil of vitriol
:  something felt to resemble vitriol especially in caustic quality; especially :  virulence of feeling or of speech
vit·ri·ol·ic \ˌvi-trē-ˈä-lik\ adjective

Examples of VITRIOL

  1. His speech was full of political vitriol.
  2. <a film critic noted for the vitriol and sometimes outright cruelty of his pronouncements>

Origin of VITRIOL

Middle English, from Anglo-French vitriole, from Medieval Latin vitriolum, alteration of Late Latin vitreolum, neuter of vitreolus glassy, from Latin vitreus vitreous
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Chemical Engineering Terms

alkali, cation, decant, hygroscopic, isotope, oxidize, slurry, solute, viscous
Medical Dictionary


noun vit·ri·ol \ˈvi-trē-əl\

Medical Definition of VITRIOL

:  a sulfate of any of various metals (as copper, iron, or zinc)
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