adjective vi·a·ble \ˈvī-ə-bəl\

: capable of being done or used

: capable of succeeding

: capable of living or of developing into a living thing

Full Definition of VIABLE

:  capable of living; especially :  having attained such form and development as to be normally capable of surviving outside the mother's womb <a viable fetus>
:  capable of growing or developing <viable seeds> <viable eggs>
a :  capable of working, functioning, or developing adequately <viable alternatives>
b :  capable of existence and development as an independent unit <the colony is now a viable state>
c (1) :  having a reasonable chance of succeeding <a viable candidate>
(2) :  financially sustainable <a viable enterprise>
vi·a·bil·i·ty \ˌvī-ə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
vi·a·bly \ˈvī-ə-blē\ adverb

Examples of VIABLE

  1. a viable solution to the problem
  2. He could not suggest a viable alternative.
  3. Is she a viable candidate?
  4. The departure point for a viable peace deal—either with Syria or the Palestinians—must not be based purely on what the political traffic in Israel will bear, but on the requirements of all sides. —Aaron David Miller, Newsweek, 12 Jan. 2009

Origin of VIABLE

French, from Middle French, from vie life, from Latin vita — more at vital
First Known Use: circa 1832
VIABLE Defined for Kids


adjective vi·a·ble \ˈvī-ə-bəl\

Definition of VIABLE for Kids

:  capable of living or growing <viable seeds>
:  possible to use or apply <a viable plan>
Medical Dictionary


adjective vi·a·ble \ˈvī-ə-bəl\

Medical Definition of VIABLE

:  capable of living <the skin graft was viable> <viable cancer cells>; especially :  having attained such form and development as to be normally capable of living outside the uterus—often used of a human fetus at seven months but may be interpreted according to the state of the art of medicine <a viable fetus is one sufficiently developed for extrauterine survival—Words & Phrases> <the fetus is considered viable when it weighs 500 grams or more and the pregnancy is over 20 weeks in duration—S. W. Jacob & C. A. Francone>
:  capable of growing or developing <viable eggs>


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