noun \ˈəp-ˌsīd\

: a part of something that is good or desirable : an advantage or benefit

Full Definition of UPSIDE

:  an upward trend (as of prices)
a :  a positive aspect
b :  promise, potential <a young star with lots of upside>

Examples of UPSIDE

  1. One upside to the new house is its location.

Origin of UPSIDE

2up + 1side
First Known Use: 1927


preposition \ˈəp-ˈsīd\

: on or against the side of (something)

Full Definition of UPSIDE

:  up on or against the side of <layin' in this death cell, writin' my time upside the wall — Lonnie Johnson> <smacked him upside the head>

Origin of UPSIDE

perhaps from 1up + -side (as in alongside)
First Known Use: 1929


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