verb up·hold \(ˌ)əp-ˈhōld\

: to support or defend (something, such as a law)

: to judge (a legal decision) to be correct : to decide not to change (a verdict)


Full Definition of UPHOLD

transitive verb
a :  to give support to
b :  to support against an opponent
a :  to keep elevated
b :  to lift up
up·hold·er noun

Examples of UPHOLD

  1. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution.
  2. They have a responsibility to uphold the law.
  3. The Court of Appeals upheld his conviction.

First Known Use of UPHOLD

13th century

Synonym Discussion of UPHOLD

support, uphold, advocate, back, champion mean to favor actively one that meets opposition. support is least explicit about the nature of the assistance given <supports waterfront development>. uphold implies extended support given to something attacked <upheld the legitimacy of the military action>. advocate stresses urging or pleading <advocated prison reform>. back suggests supporting by lending assistance to one failing or falling <refusing to back the call for sanctions>. champion suggests publicly defending one unjustly attacked or too weak to advocate his or her own cause <championed the rights of children>.
UPHOLD Defined for Kids


verb up·hold \ˌəp-ˈhōld\
up·held \-ˈheld\up·hold·ing

Definition of UPHOLD for Kids

:  to give support to <Judges swear to uphold the Constitution.>
:  to lift up


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