adjective \-ˈkem(p)t\

: not neat or orderly : messy or untidy

Full Definition of UNKEMPT

:  not combed <unkempt hair>
:  deficient in order or neatness <unkempt individuals> <unkempt hotel rooms>; also :  rough, unpolished <unkempt prose>

Examples of UNKEMPT

  1. She wore rumpled clothing and her hair was unkempt.
  2. <an unkempt and cluttered room>

Origin of UNKEMPT

Middle English unkemd, unkempt, from un- + kembed, kempt, past participle of kemben to comb, from Old English cemban; akin to Old High German chempen to comb, Old English camb comb — more at comb
First Known Use: 14th century

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