adjective \-ˈfit\

: not proper, suitable, or acceptable

: not having the necessary qualities, skills, mental health, etc., to do something

: not physically healthy : not in good physical condition

Full Definition of UNFIT

:  not fit:
a :  not adapted to a purpose :  unsuitable
b :  not qualified :  incapable, incompetent
c :  physically or mentally unsound
un·fit·ly adverb
un·fit·ness noun

Examples of UNFIT

  1. <just because I don't have actual work experience doesn't mean I'm unfit for the job>
  2. <those flimsy shoes are unfit for the hike we're about to take>

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Definition of UNFIT

transitive verb
:  to make unfit :  disable, disqualify

First Known Use of UNFIT



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