noun \-tən-tē\

: the quality or state of being uncertain

: something that is doubtful or unknown : something that is uncertain

Full Definition of UNCERTAINTY

:  the quality or state of being uncertain :  doubt
:  something that is uncertain


  1. There is some uncertainty about the company's future.
  2. He accepted the position without hesitation or uncertainty.

First Known Use of UNCERTAINTY

14th century

Synonym Discussion of UNCERTAINTY

uncertainty, doubt, dubiety, skepticism, suspicion, mistrust mean lack of sureness about someone or something. uncertainty may range from a falling short of certainty to an almost complete lack of conviction or knowledge especially about an outcome or result <assumed the role of manager without hesitation or uncertainty>. doubt suggests both uncertainty and inability to make a decision <plagued by doubts as to what to do>. dubiety stresses a wavering between conclusions <felt some dubiety about its practicality>. skepticism implies unwillingness to believe without conclusive evidence <an economic forecast greeted with skepticism>. suspicion stresses lack of faith in the truth, reality, fairness, or reliability of something or someone <regarded the stranger with suspicion>. mistrust implies a genuine doubt based upon suspicion <had a great mistrust of doctors>.


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