adjective \ˌən-ˈsər-tən\

: not exactly known or decided : not definite or fixed

: not sure : having some doubt about something

: not definitely known

Full Definition of UNCERTAIN

:  indefinite, indeterminate <the time of departure is uncertain>
:  not certain to occur :  problematical <his success was uncertain>
:  not reliable :  untrustworthy <an uncertain ally>
a :  not known beyond doubt :  dubious <an uncertain claim>
b :  not having certain knowledge :  doubtful <remains uncertain about her plans>
c :  not clearly identified or defined <a fire of uncertain origin>
:  not constant :  variable, fitful <an uncertain breeze>
un·cer·tain·ly adverb
un·cer·tain·ness \-tən-(n)əs\ noun

Examples of UNCERTAIN

  1. The time of departure is still uncertain.
  2. We are still uncertain of the truth.
  3. She remains uncertain about her plans.
  4. I'm uncertain about how to respond.
  5. The cause of the fire is uncertain.
  6. He has an uncertain temper.
  7. They face a financially uncertain future.

First Known Use of UNCERTAIN

14th century

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