adjective un·bro·ken \-ˈbrō-kən\

: not damaged or broken

: not interrupted

of a record : not beaten or improved upon : not surpassed

Full Definition of UNBROKEN

:  not broken: as
a :  not violated
b :  whole, intact
c :  not subdued :  untamed; especially :  not trained for service or use <unbroken colts>
d :  continuous <miles of unbroken forest>
e :  not plowed
f :  not disorganized <advanced in unbroken ranks>

Examples of UNBROKEN

  1. an unbroken row of trees
  2. eight hours of unbroken sleep
  3. The band has had an unbroken string of hits.
  4. The Olympic record he set is still unbroken.

First Known Use of UNBROKEN

14th century
UNBROKEN Defined for Kids


adjective un·bro·ken \ˌən-ˈbrō-kən\

Definition of UNBROKEN for Kids

:  not damaged :  whole
:  not interrupted :  continuous <unbroken sleep>
:  not tamed for use <an unbroken colt>
Medical Dictionary


adjective un·bro·ken \-ˈbrō-kən\

Medical Definition of UNBROKEN

:  not broken <unbroken skin>


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