noun \ˈtwēd\

: a rough, woolen cloth that is woven with different colored threads

tweeds : tweed clothing (such as a suit)

Full Definition of TWEED

:  a rough woolen fabric made usually in twill weaves and used especially for suits and coats
plural :  tweed clothing; specifically :  a tweed suit

Examples of TWEED

  1. a skirt made of tweed
  2. The elderly professor was always seen in his tweeds.

Origin of TWEED

probably short for Scots tweedling, twidling twilled cloth
First Known Use: 1841


biographical name \ˈtwēd\

Definition of TWEED

William Marcy 1823–1878 Boss Tweed Am. polit.


geographical name \ˈtwēd\

Definition of TWEED

river 97 miles (156 kilometers) SE Scotland & NE England flowing E into North Sea


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Medium- to heavy-weight fabric, rough in surface texture, produced in a great variety of colour and weave effects (see weaving). Most tweeds are made entirely of wool, but an increasing number are blends of wool with cotton, rayon, or other synthetic fibres. Most are woven from dyed yarns, but some are dyed after being woven. Technical advances in dyeing raw stock, yarns, and fabrics, together with new techniques in finishing, have resulted in a wide variety of durable cloths.


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