noun \ˈtər-nəp\

: a round, light-colored root of a plant that is eaten as a vegetable; also : the plant that produces such a root

Full Definition of TURNIP

a :  either of two biennial herbs of the mustard family with thick edible roots: (1) :  one (Brassica rapa rapifera) with globular often flattened roots and leaves that are cooked as a vegetable (2) :  rutabaga
b :  the root of a turnip
:  a large pocket watch

Origin of TURNIP

Middle English turnepe, probably from turnen to turn + nepe neep; from the well-rounded root
First Known Use: 1533


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Hardy biennial plant in the mustard family, cultivated for its fleshy roots and tender leaves. There are two species, the turnip proper (Brassica rapa) and the Swedish turnip, or rutabaga. The true turnip probably originated in middle and eastern Asia and spread by cultivation throughout the temperate zone. Both species are cool-season crops. Turnips develop rapidly enough to have an early-spring or late-summer seeding produce a crop before, respectively, extremes of summer or late-fall weather occur.


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