turn over


Definition of TURN OVER

transitive verb
a :  to turn from an upright position :  overturn
b :  rotate <turn over a stiff valve with a wrench>; also :  to cause (an internal combustion engine) to begin firing
:  to search (as clothes or papers) by lifting or moving one by one
:  to read or examine (as a book) slowly or idly
:  deliver, surrender <I'm turning the job over to you>; also :  to lose possession of <turned the ball over three times>
a :  to receive and dispose of (a stock of merchandise)
b :  to do business to the amount of <turning over $1000 a week>
intransitive verb
:  upset, capsize
a :  rotate
b of an engine :  to have crankshaft rotation especially by external means (as by a starter) <the engine turned over but didn't start>
a of one's stomach :  to heave with nausea
b of one's heart :  to seem to leap or lurch convulsively with sudden fright
turn over a new leaf
:  to make a change for the better especially in one's way of living

Examples of TURN OVER

  1. <reluctantly turned the ship over to the first mate while he went below to try to stop the leak>
  2. <turned the evidence over to the police>

First Known Use of TURN OVER

14th century


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