verb \ˈtril\

Definition of TRILL

intransitive verb
:  to flow in a small stream or in drops :  trickle
:  twirl, revolve
transitive verb
:  to cause to flow in a small stream

Origin of TRILL

Middle English; akin to Middle Dutch trillen to vibrate, Swedish trilla to roll
First Known Use: 14th century



: the sound of going quickly back and forth many times between two musical notes that are close to each other

: a quick high sound that is repeated

Full Definition of TRILL

a :  the alternation of two musical tones a diatonic second apart —called also shake
b :  vibrato
c :  a rapid reiteration of the same tone especially on a percussion instrument
:  a sound resembling a musical trill :  warble
a :  the rapid vibration of one speech organ against another (as of the tip of the tongue against the teethridge)
b :  a speech sound made by a trill

Examples of TRILL

  1. She pronounces her r's with a trill.
  2. the trill of the bird

Origin of TRILL

Italian trillo probably of imitative origin
First Known Use: 1649

Other Music Terms

cacophony, chorister, concerto, counterpoint, madrigal, obbligato, presto, presto, refrain, riff, segue



Definition of TRILL

intransitive verb
:  to play or sing with a trill :  quaver
transitive verb
:  to utter as or with or as if with a trill <trill the r>
trill·er noun

First Known Use of TRILL

circa 1667


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