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verb \ˈtrēt\

Simple Definition of treat

  • : to deal with or think about (something) especially in a particular way

  • : to think of and act toward (someone or something) in a specified way

  • : to pay for someone's food, drink, or entertainment

Full Definition of treat

  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1 :  to discuss terms of accommodation or settlement :  negotiate

  3. 2 :  to deal with a matter especially in writing :  discourse —usually used with of <a book treating of conservation>

  4. 3 :  to pay another's expenses (as for a meal or drink) especially as a compliment or as an expression of regard or friendship

  5. transitive verb
  6. 1a :  to deal with in speech or writing :  expoundb :  to present or represent artisticallyc :  to deal with :  handle <food is plentiful and treated with imagination — Cecil Beaton>

  7. 2a :  to bear oneself toward :  use <treat a horse cruelly>b :  to regard and deal with in a specified manner —usually used with as <treat the matter as confidential>

  8. 3a :  to provide with free food, drink, or entertainment <they treated us to lunch>b :  to provide with enjoyment or gratification

  9. 4 :  to care for or deal with medically or surgically <treat a disease>

  10. 5 :  to act upon with some agent especially to improve or alter <treat a metal with acid>

treat·er noun

Examples of treat

  1. The author treats this issue in the next chapter.

  2. This situation must be treated with great care.

  3. I try to treat everyone equally.

  4. She treats the horse cruelly.

  5. They treated me like a member of their family.

  6. I was treated like a queen.

  7. My parents still treat me like a child.

  8. Try to treat everyone as an equal.

  9. Young people should always treat their elders with respect.

  10. Let's go out to dinner. I'll treat.

Origin of treat

Middle English treten, from Anglo-French treter, traiter, traitier, from Latin tractare to drag about, handle, deal with, frequentative of trahere to drag, pull

First Known Use: 14th century




Simple Definition of treat

  • : an occurrence in which you pay for someone's food, drink, or entertainment

  • : something pleasant or amusing that is unusual or unexpected

  • : something that tastes good and that is not eaten often

Full Definition of treat

  1. 1a :  an entertainment given without expense to those invitedb :  the act of providing another with free food, drink, or entertainment <dinner will be my treat>

  2. 2 :  an especially unexpected source of joy, delight, or amusement <seeing her again was a treat>

Examples of treat

  1. We took the kids to the water park as a special treat.

  2. cookies and other tasty treats

  3. She rewarded the dog with a treat.


First Known Use of treat


Medical Dictionary


transitive verb \ˈtrēt\

Medical Definition of treat

  1. :  to care for or deal with medically or surgically :  deal with by medical or surgical means <treated their diseases> <treats a patient>

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