noun \ˈtra-vər-ˌtēn, -tən\

: a light-colored type of rock that is used especially in buildings

Full Definition of TRAVERTINE

:  a mineral consisting of a massive usually layered calcium carbonate (as aragonite or calcite) formed by deposition from spring waters or especially from hot springs


French travertin, from Italian travertino, trevertino, from Latin tiburtinus, adjective, of travertine, literally, of Tibur (Tivoli)
First Known Use: 1730


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Dense, banded rock composed of calcium carbonate, CaCO. Formed by rapid chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate from solution in surface and ground waters, it is a variety of limestone that has a light colour and takes a good polish. It is often used for walls and interior decorations in public buildings and as a paving stone. Travertine is mined extensively in Italy; in the U.S., Yellowstone's Mammoth Hot Springs are actively depositing travertine. It also occurs in limestone caves in the form of stalactites and stalagmites.


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