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transitive verb trans·port \tran(t)s-ˈpȯrt, ˈtran(t)s-ˌ\

Simple Definition of transport

  • : to carry (someone or something) from one place to another

  • : to cause (someone) to imagine that he or she is in a different place or time

  • : to cause (someone) to feel very happy, interested, or excited

Full Definition of transport

  1. 1 :  to transfer or convey from one place to another <transporting ions across a living membrane>

  2. 2 :  to carry away with strong and often intensely pleasant emotion

  3. 3 :  to send to a penal colony overseas

trans·port·abil·i·ty play \(ˌ)tran(t)s-ˌpȯr-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
trans·port·able play \tran(t)s-ˈpȯr-tə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of transport

  1. A van at the hotel transports guests to and from the airport.

  2. the cost of producing and transporting goods

  3. The melons are transported in large wooden crates.

  4. The illness was first transported across the ocean by European explorers.

  5. The movie transports us to a world of stunning beauty.

  6. While reading, I was transported back to the year 1492.

  7. He was transported for stealing.

Origin of transport

Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French transporter, from Latin transportare, from trans- + portare to carry — more at fare

First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of transport

banish, exile, deport, transport mean to remove by authority from a state or country. banish implies compulsory removal from a country not necessarily one's own <banished for seditious activities>. exile may imply compulsory removal or an enforced or voluntary absence from one's own country <a writer who exiled himself for political reasons>. deport implies sending out of the country an alien who has illegally entered or whose presence is judged inimical to the public welfare <illegal aliens will be deported>. transport implies sending a convicted criminal to an overseas penal colony <a convict who was transported to Australia>.



noun trans·port \ˈtran(t)s-ˌpȯrt\

Simple Definition of transport

  • : the act or process of moving people or things from one place to another

  • : a ship that is made for carrying soldiers or military equipment

  • : an airplane that is used to carry people or goods

Full Definition of transport

  1. 1 :  an act or process of transporting :  transportation

  2. 2 :  strong or intensely pleasurable emotion <transports of joy>

  3. 3a :  a ship for carrying soldiers or military equipmentb :  a vehicle (as a truck or airplane) used to transport persons or goodsc :  transportation 3

  4. 4 :  a transported convict

Examples of transport

  1. the transport of manufactured goods

  2. I was left without transport when the car broke down.

  3. She relies on public transport.


First Known Use of transport


Synonym Discussion of transport

ecstasy, rapture, transport mean intense exaltation of mind and feelings. ecstasy and rapture both suggest a state of trance or near immobility produced by an overpowering emotion. ecstasy may apply to any strong emotion (as joy, fear, rage, adoration) <religious ecstasy>. rapture usually implies intense bliss or beatitude <in speechless rapture>. transport applies to any powerful emotion that lifts one out of oneself and usually provokes vehement expression or frenzied action <in a transport of rage>.

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