noun \ˈti\

: something a child plays with

: something that an adult buys or uses for enjoyment or entertainment

: something that is very small

Full Definition of TOY

a :  flirtatious or seductive behavior
b :  pastime; also :  a sportive or amusing act :  antic
a :  something (as a preoccupation) that is paltry or trifling
b :  a literary or musical trifle or diversion
c :  trinket, bauble
:  something for a child to play with
:  something diminutive; especially :  a diminutive animal (as of a small breed or variety)
:  something that can be toyed with
Scottish :  a headdress of linen or woolen hanging down over the shoulders and formerly worn by old women of the lower classes
toy·like \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of TOY

  1. Please put away your toys.
  2. He bought a new TV and a few other toys.
  3. Her latest toy is a sports car.
  4. Your car is just a toy compared to this truck.

Origin of TOY

Middle English toye
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with TOY


intransitive verb

Definition of TOY

:  to act or deal with something lightly or without vigor or purpose <toyed with the idea>
:  to engage in flirtation
:  to amuse oneself as if with a toy :  play <they're just toying with him>
toy·er \ˈti-ər\ noun

Examples of TOY

  1. <the cat toyed with the mouse it had caught, batting it about>
  2. <likes to toy with men whom she has no intention of actually dating>

First Known Use of TOY

circa 1529



: of, for, or relating to toys

: of a kind that is meant for a child to play with

—used to describe an animal (such as a dog) that is the smallest kind of a particular breed

Full Definition of TOY

:  of diminutive size compared to a standard form or breed <a toy dog>
:  designed or made for use as a toy <a toy stove>

Examples of TOY

  1. Put your toys back in the toy box .

First Known Use of TOY



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