noun co·quet

Definition of COQUET

\kō-ˈket, -ˈkā\ :  a man who indulges in coquetry
\-ˈket\ :  coquette

Origin of COQUET

French, diminutive of coq cock
First Known Use: 1691


adjective co·quet \kō-ˈket\

Definition of COQUET

:  characteristic of a coquette :  coquettish

First Known Use of COQUET



verb co·quet \-ˈket\

Definition of COQUET

intransitive verb
:  to play the coquette :  flirt
:  to deal with something playfully rather than seriously

Variants of COQUET

co·quet or co·quette \-ˈket\

Examples of COQUET

  1. <at the country club she would often brazenly coquet with the husbands of the women to whom she was giving golf lessons>

First Known Use of COQUET


Synonym Discussion of COQUET

trifle, toy, dally, flirt, coquet mean to deal with or act toward without serious purpose. trifle may imply playfulness, unconcern, indulgent contempt <to trifle with a lover's feelings>. toy implies acting without full attention or serious exertion of one's powers <a political novice toying with great issues>. dally suggests indulging in thoughts or plans merely as an amusement <dallying with the idea of building a boat someday>. flirt implies an interest or attention that soon passes to another object <flirted with one fashionable ism after another>. coquet implies attracting interest or admiration without serious intention <companies that coquet with environmentalism solely for public relations>.


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