adjective to·ward \ˈtō-ərd, ˈt(-ə)rd\

Definition of TOWARD

also to·wards \ˈtō-ərdz, ˈt(-ə)rdz\ [Middle English towardes, from Old English tōweardes, preposition, toward, from tōweard, adjective]
a :  coming soon :  imminent
b :  happening at the moment :  afoot
a obsolete :  quick to learn :  apt
b :  propitious, favoring <a toward breeze>

Origin of TOWARD

Middle English toward, from Old English tōweard facing, imminent, from tō, preposition, to + -weard -ward
First Known Use: before 12th century


preposition to·ward \ˈtō-ərd(z), ˈt(-ə)rd(z), tə-ˈwrd(z), ˈtwrd(z), ˈtwōrd(z)\

: in the direction of (something or someone)

—used to indicate the direction faced by something

: near (a particular place)

Full Definition of TOWARD

:  in the direction of <driving toward town>
a :  along a course leading to <a long stride toward disarmament>
b :  in relation to <an attitude toward life>
a :  at a point in the direction of :  near <a cottage somewhere up toward the lake>
b :  in such a position as to be in the direction of <your back was toward me>
:  not long before <toward the end of the afternoon>
a :  in the way of help or assistance in <did all he could toward raising campaign funds>
b :  for the partial payment of <proceeds go toward the establishment of a scholarship>

Variants of TOWARD

to·ward or to·wards \ˈtō-ərd(z), ˈt(-ə)rd(z), tə-ˈwrd(z), ˈtwrd(z), ˈtwōrd(z)\

Examples of TOWARD

  1. The bus is heading toward town.
  2. She took a step toward the door.
  3. They live out towards the edge of town.
  4. We're thinking of taking a vacation towards the end of the month.
  5. Efforts toward peace have been largely unsuccessful.

First Known Use of TOWARD

before 12th century
TOWARDS Defined for Kids


preposition to·ward \ˈtō-ərd, tə-ˈwrd\

Definition of TOWARD for Kids

:  in the direction of <We're heading toward town.>
:  along a course leading to <They made efforts toward peace.>
:  in regard to <I like his attitude toward life.>
:  so as to face <Their backs were toward me.>
:  2near <I awoke toward morning.>
:  as part of the payment for <She put money toward a new car.>

Variants of TOWARD

to·ward or to·wards \ˈtō-ərdz, tə-ˈwrdz\


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