noun \ˈtən\
plural tons also ton

Definition of TON

a :  a unit of internal capacity for ships equal to 100 cubic feet —called also register ton
b :  a unit approximately equal to the volume of a long ton weight of seawater used in reckoning the displacement of ships and equal to 35 cubic feet
c :  a unit of volume for cargo freight usually reckoned at 40 cubic feet —called also measurement ton
:  any of various units of weight:
a — see weight table
b :  metric ton
:  a great quantity :  lot <ate tons of cookies> <has tons of money> <a ton of work to do>

Origin of TON

Middle English tunne unit of weight or capacity — more at tun
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Weights and Measures Terms

avoirdupois weight, calorie, denier, kip, pace, twain

Rhymes with TON


noun \ˈtōⁿ\

Definition of TON

:  the prevailing fashion :  vogue
:  the quality or state of being smart or fashionable

Origin of TON

French, literally, tone, from Old French, from Latin tonus
First Known Use: 1756

Rhymes with TON

TON Defined for Kids


noun \ˈtən\

Definition of TON for Kids

:  a measure of weight equal either to 2000 pounds (about 907 kilograms) (short ton) or 2240 pounds (about 1016 kilograms) (long ton) with the short ton being more frequently used in the United States and Canada
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