noun \ˈtō-dē\

: a person who praises and helps powerful people in order to get their approval

plural toad·ies

Full Definition of TOADY

:  one who flatters in the hope of gaining favors :  sycophant

Examples of TOADY

  1. She's a real toady to the boss.
  2. <no one liked the office toady, who spent most of her time complimenting the boss on what a great job he was doing>

Origin of TOADY

by shortening & alteration from toadeater
First Known Use: 1826

Rhymes with TOADY


intransitive verb

: to try to get the approval of someone powerful by saying and doing helpful and friendly things that are not sincere : to be a toady


Full Definition of TOADY

:  to behave as a toady :  engage in sycophancy
toady·ism \-ē-ˌi-zəm\ noun

Examples of TOADY

  1. He's always toadying to the boss.
  2. <a satirical novel about an amoral go-getter who toadies his way to the top of the corporate ladder>

First Known Use of TOADY

circa 1859


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