noun \ˈtint\

: a small amount of color

: dye used to change the color of hair

: an act of changing the color of hair by using dye

Full Definition of TINT

a :  a usually slight or pale coloration :  hue
b :  any of various lighter or darker shades of a color :  tinge
:  a variation of a color produced by adding white to it and characterized by a low saturation with relatively high lightness
:  a usually slight modifying quality or characteristic :  touch
:  a shaded effect in engraving produced by fine parallel lines close together
:  a panel of light color serving as background
:  dye for the hair

Examples of TINT

  1. a photo with a sepia tint
  2. green with a yellowish tint
  3. She got a red tint at the salon.

Origin of TINT

alteration of earlier tinct, from Latin tinctus act of dyeing, from tingere to tinge
First Known Use: 1717


transitive verb

: to give a small amount of color to (something)

Full Definition of TINT

:  to impart or apply a tint to :  color
tint·er noun

Examples of TINT

  1. They tinted the water with blue dye.
  2. <if you tint that blue paint with this yellow paint, you should get a nice shade of green>

First Known Use of TINT


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