noun tick·et \ˈti-kət\

: a piece of paper that allows you to see a show, participate in an event, travel on a vehicle, etc.

: a card or piece of paper that shows that you are participating in a contest, raffle, etc.

: a piece of paper that officially tells you that you have driven or parked your car improperly and that you will have to pay a fine

Full Definition of TICKET

a :  a document that serves as a certificate, license, or permit; especially :  a mariner's or airman's certificate
b :  tag, label
a :  a certificate or token showing that a fare or admission fee has been paid
b :  a means of access or passage <education is the ticket to a good job>
:  a list of candidates for nomination or election :  slate
:  the correct or desirable thing <cooperation, that's the ticket — K. E. Trombley>
:  a slip or card recording a transaction or undertaking or giving instructions <a savings deposit ticket>
:  a summons or warning issued to a traffic-law violator
tick·et·less \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of TICKET

  1. We bought tickets for the opera.
  2. I got a ticket for speeding.

Origin of TICKET

Middle French etiquet, estiquette note attached to something indicating its contents, from Middle French dialect (Picard) estiquier to attach, from Middle Dutch steken to stick; akin to Old High German sticken to prick — more at stick
First Known Use: 1529


transitive verb

: to give (a driver) a ticket for driving or parking improperly

: to give or sell a ticket to (someone)

: to give (someone or something) a specific purpose or destination

Full Definition of TICKET

:  to attach a ticket to :  label; also :  designate
:  to furnish or serve with a ticket <ticketed for illegal parking>

Examples of TICKET

  1. He was ticketed for speeding.
  2. methods used for ticketing airline passengers

First Known Use of TICKET


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