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noun cou·pon \ˈkü-ˌpän, ˈkyü-\

Simple Definition of coupon

  • : a usually small piece of printed paper that lets you get a service or product for free or at a lower price

  • : a section of an advertisement that you can cut out and mail to a company in order to request information or to order a product or service

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of coupon

  1. 1 :  a statement of due interest to be cut from a bearer bond when payable and presented for payment; also :  the interest rate of a coupon

  2. 2 :  a form surrendered in order to obtain an article, service, or accommodation: as a :  one of a series of attached tickets or certificates often to be detached and presented as needed b :  a ticket or form authorizing purchases of rationed commodities c :  a certificate or similar evidence of a purchase redeemable in premiums d :  a part of a printed advertisement to be cut off to use as an order blank or inquiry form or to obtain a discount on merchandise or services

Examples of coupon in a sentence

  1. Bring in this coupon for a free oil change.

  2. I'm always clipping coupons from the newspaper to use at the grocery store.

  3. The coupon is good for one free ice-cream cone.

  4. Send in this coupon for more information.

Origin and Etymology of coupon

French, from Old French, piece, from couper to cut — more at cope

First Known Use: 1822

Rhymes with coupon

aeon, add-on, agon, agone, Akan, Ambon, Amman, anon, Anshan, archon, argon, Argonne, atman, axon, bank on, barchan, baton, big on, Bion, blouson, bon ton, bonbon, boron, boson, bouillon, bring on, build on, bygone, caisson, call on, canton, capon, cast on, catch on, Ceylon, chaconne, Charon, chew on, chiffon, chiton, chrismon, Cimon, cistron, clip-on, codon, come-on, cordon, crampon, crayon, crepon, cretonne, crouton, Dacron, dead-on, Dear John, doggone, Dogon, Don Juan, exon, fall on, flacon, foregone, form on, Freon, fronton, futon, Garonne, get on, Gibran, gluon, gnomon, go on, guidon, hadron, Hainan, hand on, hands-on, hang on, have on, hazan, head-on, Henan, hereon, high on, hit on, hogan, hold on, Huainan, icon, intron, ion, jargon, Jinan, jomon, kanban, kaon, Kashan, keen on, Khoisan, Kirman, koan, krypton, kurgan, Kurgan, lauan, lepton, let on, lock on, log on, look on, Luzon, macron, Masan, Medan, Memnon, meson, micron, Milan, mod con, moron, mouton, Multan, muon, natron, nekton, neon, nephron, neuron, neutron, ninon, Nippon, nylon, odds-on, Oman, Oran, Orlon, paeon, parton, Pathan, pavane, pecan, peon, Phaëthon, photon, phyton, pick on, pion, piton, plankton, pluton, pompon, prion, proton, Pusan, push on, put-on, pylon, python, racon, radon, rag on, rayon, recon, rhyton, run-on, run on, Saint John, Saipan, salon, San Juan, Schliemann, Schumann, Shaban, shaman, shaitan, Shingon, sign on, sit on, slip-on, snap-on, solon, Solon, soupçon, soutane, stand on, stolon, stuck on, Suwon, sweet on, Taiwan, taipan, take on, tampon, taxon, Teflon, Tehran, teston, thereon, Tian Shan, tisane, torchon, toucan, toyon, trade on, trigon, Tristan, triton, trogon, try on, Tucson, turned-on, turn on, Typhon, tzigane, uhlan, Ulsan, upon, wait on, walk-on, witan, whereon, Wonsan, wonton, work on, Wuhan, xenon, Xi'an, Yukon, Yunnan, zircon

COUPON Defined for Kids


noun cou·pon \ˈkü-ˌpän, ˈkyü-\

Definition of coupon for Students

  1. 1 :  a ticket or form that allows the holder to receive some service, payment, or discount

  2. 2 :  a part of an advertisement meant to be cut out for use as an order blank

Law Dictionary


noun cou·pon \ˈkü-ˌpän, ˈkyü-\

Legal Definition of coupon

  1. :  a statement of due interest to be cut from a debt instrument and especially a bearer bond when payable and presented for payment; also :  the interest rate of a coupon

Origin and Etymology of coupon

French, from Old French, piece, from couper to cut

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