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noun \ˈthred\

Simple Definition of thread

  • : a long, thin piece of cotton, silk, etc., used for sewing

  • : a long, thin line of something

  • : the raised line that winds around a screw

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of thread

  1. 1a :  a filament, a group of filaments twisted together, or a filamentous length formed by spinning and twisting short textile fibers into a continuous strandb :  a piece of thread

  2. 2a :  any of various natural filaments <the threads of a spiderweb>b :  a slender stream (as of water)c :  a projecting helical rib (as in a fitting or on a pipe) by which parts can be screwed together :  screw thread

  3. 3 :  something continuous or drawn out: asa :  a line of reasoning or train of thought that connects the parts in a sequence (as of ideas or events) <lost the thread of the story>b :  a continuing element <a thread of melancholy marked all his writing> c :  a series of newsgroup messages following a single topic

  4. 4 :  a tenuous or feeble support <hung on by a thread>

  5. 5 plural :  clothing


play \-ləs\ adjective


play \-ˌlīk\ adjective

Examples of thread in a sentence

  1. A thread was hanging from the hem of her coat.

  2. <the unwary bug was snared in the sticky threads of the spider's web>

Origin and Etymology of thread

Middle English thred, from Old English thrǣd; akin to Old High German drāt wire, Old English thrāwan to cause to twist or turn — more at throw

First Known Use: before 12th century




Simple Definition of thread

  • : to put a thread, string, rope, etc., through a hole in something

  • : to put (film or tape) into a movie camera, tape recorder, etc., so that it is ready to be used

  • : to move forward by turning and going through narrow spaces

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of thread

  • transitive verb
    1. 1a :  to pass a thread through the eye of (a needle)b :  to arrange a thread, yarn, or lead-in piece in working position for use in (a machine)

    2. 2a (1) :  to pass something through in the manner of a thread <thread a pipe with wire> (2) :  to pass (as a tape, line, or film) into or through something <threaded a fresh roll of film into the camera>b :  to make one's way through or between <threading narrow alleys>; also :  to make one's way usually cautiously through a hazardous situation

    3. 3 :  to put together on or as if on a thread :  string <thread beads>

    4. 4 :  to interweave with or as if with threads :  intersperse <dark hair threaded with silver>

    5. 5 :  to form a screw thread on or in

    6. intransitive verb
    7. 1 :  weave 2 <the car threaded through traffic>

    8. 2 :  to form a thread



    Examples of thread in a sentence

    1. She threaded her shoelace through the holes.

    2. thread film through a camera

    3. They had to thread their way through the crowd.

    4. Waiters threaded through the crowd.

    5. a river that threads through narrow valleys

    14th Century

    First Known Use of thread

    14th century

    THREAD Defined for Kids



    noun \ˈthred\

    Definition of thread for Students

    1. 1 :  a thin fine cord formed by spinning and twisting short fibers into a continuous strand

    2. 2 :  a thin fine line or strand of something <a thread of light>

    3. 3 :  the ridge or groove that winds around a screw

    4. 4 :  a train of thought that connects the parts of something (as an argument or story)


    \-ˌlīk\ adjective




    Definition of thread for Students



    1. 1 :  to put a thread in working position (as in a needle)

    2. 2 :  to pass something through another thing <Thread the film through the camera.>

    3. 3 :  to make a way through or between <He rushes on and on … threading his way with perfect skill between tree-trunks … — C. S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe>

    4. 4 :  to put together on a thread :  string

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