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adjective \ˈthərd\

Simple Definition of third

  • : occupying the number three position in a series

  • : next to the second in importance or rank

  • : equal in size, value, amount, etc., to one third of something

Full Definition of third

  1. 1a :  being next after the second in place or time <the third taxi in line>b :  ranking next after the second of a grade or degree in authority or precedence <served as third mate>c :  being the forward speed or gear next higher than second especially in a motor vehicle

  2. 2a :  being one of three equal parts into which something is divisible <a third share of the money>b :  being the last in each group of three in a series <take out every third card>

third or third·ly adverb

Examples of third

  1. We sat in the third row.

  2. the third house on the left

  3. C is the third letter in the alphabet.

  4. That's the third time I've seen him today.

  5. The office is on the third floor.

  6. Do you have a third choice?

  7. a third share in the profits

  8. a third pound of cheese

Origin of third

Middle English thridde, thirde, from Old English thridda, thirdda; akin to Latin tertius third, Greek tritos, treis three — more at three

First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with third




Simple Definition of third

  • : something that is third : the third thing in a series

  • : one of three equal parts of something

  • : the third forward gear or speed of a vehicle

Full Definition of third

  1. 1 :  one of three equal parts of something <a third of the pie>

  2. 2a — see number tableb :  one that is next after second in rank, position, authority, or precedence <the third in line>

  3. 3a :  the musical interval embracing three diatonic degreesb :  a tone at this interval; specifically :  mediantc :  the harmonic combination of two tones a third apart

  4. 4 plural :  merchandise whose quality falls below the manufacturer's standard for seconds

  5. 5 :  third base

  6. 6 :  the third forward gear or speed especially of a motor vehicle

Examples of third

  1. The win was his third of the year.

  2. a third of the pie

  3. Rent costs two-thirds of my paycheck.

  4. She divided the cookie into thirds.

14th Century

First Known Use of third

14th century

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