noun \ˈpər\

: the low, soft sound that a cat makes when it is happy

: a sound that is like the purr of a cat

Full Definition of PURR

:  a low vibratory murmur typical of an apparently contented or pleased cat

Examples of PURR

  1. the soft purr of a car engine
  2. <listened to the reassuring purr of the car engine>

Origin of PURR

First Known Use: 1601



: to make a purr or a sound like a purr

: to say (something) in a soft, low voice especially when you are pleased or trying to persuade someone to do something

Full Definition of PURR

intransitive verb
:  to make a purr or a sound like a purr <cars purring along the highway>
a :  to speak in a manner that resembles a purr
b :  to speak in a malicious catty manner
purr·ing·ly \-iŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of PURR

  1. The cat was purring contentedly in my lap.
  2. The cars were purring along the highway.
  3. You look tense. Let me buy you a drink, he purred.

First Known Use of PURR



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