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adverb there·at \-ˈat\

Definition of thereat

  1. 1 :  at that place

  2. 2 :  at that occurrence

Before 12th Century

First Known Use of thereat

before 12th century

Rhymes with thereat

all that, at bat, at that, backchat, bath mat, bobcat, brass hat, brickbat, brown fat, brown rat, bullbat, Cassatt, chitchat, combat, coon cat, cowpat, cravat, Croat, deep fat, defat, dingbat, doormat, expat, fat cat, fiat, firebrat, flat-hat, fly at, format, fruit bat, get at, go at, have at, hellcat, hepcat, high-hat, house cat, jurat, keep at, leaf fat, look at, Manx cat, MCAT, meerkat, milk fat, mole rat, mudflat, muscat, Muscat, muskrat, nonfat, old hat, pack rat, pick at, place mat, plug hat, polecat, pot hat, Rotblat, rug rat, salt flat, savate, silk hat, slouch hat, sneeze at, snowcat, Sobat, stand pat, standpat, stonechat, strawhat, Surat, tin hat, tipcat, tomcat, top hat, trans fat, whereat, whinchat, white hat, wildcat, wombat, wool fat

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an indentation on an edge or a surface

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