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transitive verb \ˈtem(p)t\

Simple Definition of tempt

  • : to cause (someone) to do or want to do something even though it may be wrong, bad, or unwise

Full Definition of tempt

  1. 1 :  to entice to do wrong by promise of pleasure or gain

  2. 2a obsolete :  to make trial of :  testb :  to try presumptuously :  provoke <tempt fate>c :  to risk the dangers of

  3. 3a :  to induce to do somethingb :  to cause to be strongly inclined <was tempted to call it quits>

tempt·able play \ˈtem(p)-tə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of tempt

  1. <that chocolate dessert sure tempts me, but I should stick with my diet>

  2. <refusing to lay in enough food for the long winter tempts the dangers of starvation>

Origin of tempt

Middle English, from Anglo-French tempter, tenter, from Latin temptare, tentare to feel, try

First Known Use: 13th century

Synonym Discussion of tempt

lure, entice, inveigle, decoy, tempt, seduce mean to lead astray from one's true course. lure implies a drawing into danger, evil, or difficulty through attracting and deceiving <lured naive investors with get-rich-quick schemes>. entice suggests drawing by artful or adroit means <advertising designed to entice new customers>. inveigle implies enticing by cajoling or flattering <fund-raisers inveigling wealthy alumni>. decoy implies a luring into entrapment by artifice <attempting to decoy the enemy into an ambush>. tempt implies the presenting of an attraction so strong that it overcomes the restraints of conscience or better judgment <tempted by the offer of money>. seduce implies a leading astray by persuasion or false promises <seduced by assurances of assistance>.

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a trying or distressing experience

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