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tap into

Definition of tap into

  1. :  to gain information from (a source) <government agencies can tap into research done at universities without having to spend a lot of their own resources> <links that allow users to tap into a global world of information>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a plug for a hole (as in a cask) :  spigot

    :  a device consisting of a spout and valve attached to the end of a pipe to control the flow of a fluid :  faucet

    :  a liquor drawn through a tap

  1. :  to let out or cause to flow by piercing or by drawing a plug from the containing vessel

    :  to pierce so as to let out or draw off a fluid

    :  to draw out, from, or upon

  1. :  to strike lightly especially with a slight sound

    :  to give a light blow with

    :  to bring about by repeated light blows

  1. :  a light usually audible blow

    :  its sound

    :  one of several usually rapid drumbeats on a snare drum

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to expose to danger or risk

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