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take up


Definition of take up

  • transitive verb
    1. 1 :  pick up, lift <took up the carpet>

    2. 2a :  to begin to occupy (land)b :  to gather from a number of sources <took up a collection>

    3. 3a :  to accept or adopt for the purpose of assistingb :  to accept or adopt as one's own <took up the life of a farmer>c :  to absorb or incorporate into itself <plants taking up nutrients>

    4. 4a :  to enter upon (as a business, hobby, or subject of study) <take up skiing> <took up the trumpet>b :  to proceed to consider or deal with <take up one problem at a time>

    5. 5 :  to establish oneself in <took up residence in town>

    6. 6 :  to occupy entirely or exclusively :  fill up <the meeting was taken up with old business>

    7. 7 :  to make tighter or shorter <take up the slack>

    8. 8 :  to respond favorably to (as a person offering a bet, challenge, or proposal) <took me up on it>

    9. 9 :  to begin again or take over from another <we must take the good work up again>

    10. intransitive verb
    11. 1 :  to make a beginning where another has left off

    12. 2 :  to become shortened :  draw together :  shrink

    take up the cudgels
    1. :  to engage vigorously in a defense or dispute

    take up with
    1. 1 :  to become interested or absorbed in

    2. 2 :  to begin to associate or consort with

    Examples of take up in a sentence

    1. <please take up the blanket so I can look underneath it>

    2. <the soil was so dry that the plant seemed to take up the much-needed water instantly>

    14th Century

    First Known Use of take up

    14th century

    Rhymes with take up

    Medical Dictionary

    take up

    transitive verb

    Medical Definition of take up

    1. :  to absorb or incorporate into itself <the rate at which the cells took up glucose>

    take–up noun

    Law Dictionary

    take up

    transitive verb

    Legal Definition of take up

    1. 1 :  to pay the amount of (as a note) :  pay in full for

    2. 2 :  to proceed to deal with <take up a motion>

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