adjective \sis-ˈte-mik\

: of or relating to an entire system

medical : of, relating to, or affecting the entire body

Full Definition of SYSTEMIC

:  of, relating to, or common to a system: as
a :  affecting the body generally
b :  supplying those parts of the body that receive blood through the aorta rather than through the pulmonary artery
c :  of, relating to, or being a pesticide that as used is harmless to the plant or higher animal but when absorbed into its sap or bloodstream makes the entire organism toxic to pests (as an insect or fungus)
sys·tem·i·cal·ly \-mi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of SYSTEMIC

  1. The company made some systemic changes to the way it operated.
  2. The problem seems to be systemic.

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Definition of SYSTEMIC

:  a systemic pesticide

First Known Use of SYSTEMIC


Other Medicine Terms

analgesia, angina, diabetes, hepatitis, homeopathy, logorrhea, palliate, pandemic

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