adjective lo·cal \ˈlō-kəl\

: relating to or occurring in a particular area, city, or town

: located or living nearby

of a bus or train : making all the stops on a route

Full Definition of LOCAL

:  characterized by or relating to position in space :  having a definite spatial form or location
a :  of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular place :  not general or widespread
b :  of, relating to, or applicable to part of a whole
a :  primarily serving the needs of a particular limited district
b of a public conveyance :  making all the stops on a route
:  involving or affecting only a restricted part of the organism :  topical <a local anesthetic>
:  of or relating to telephone communication within a specified area

Examples of LOCAL

  1. We had dinner at a local restaurant.
  2. The police have arrested a local man for the crime.
  3. This is a local shop for local people: we don't get many outsiders here.
  4. She took the local bus.

Origin of LOCAL

Middle English localle, from Late Latin localis, from Latin locus place — more at stall
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with LOCAL



: a person who lives in a particular area, city, or town : a local person

: a train or bus that makes all of the stops along its route

: a local part of a labor union

Full Definition of LOCAL

:  a local person or thing: as
a :  a local public conveyance (as a train or an elevator)
b :  a local or particular branch, lodge, or chapter of an organization (as a labor union)
c British :  a nearby or neighborhood pub

Examples of LOCAL

  1. He's the president of the union local at the factory.
  2. <the truck drivers are members of Local 349 of the Teamsters' Union>

First Known Use of LOCAL

circa 1824
May 22, 2015
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