noun \ˈsi-kə-ˌmr\

: a tree of the eastern and central U.S. that has light-brown bark that peels off in thin flakes

: a type of European maple tree with five-pointed leaves

Full Definition of SYCAMORE

also syc·o·more \ˈsi-kə-ˌ\ :  a fig tree (Ficus sycomorus) of Africa and the Middle East that is the sycamore of Scripture and has edible fruit similar but inferior to the common fig
:  a Eurasian maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) with long racemes of showy yellowish-green flowers that is widely planted as a shade tree
:  2plane; especially :  a very large spreading tree (Platanus occidentalis) chiefly of the eastern and central United States with 3- to 5-lobed broadly ovate leaves

Origin of SYCAMORE

Middle English sicamour, from Anglo-French sicamour, from Latin sycomorus, from Greek sykomoros, probably modification of a Semitic word akin to Hebrew shiqmāh sycamore
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several distinct trees called by the same name though in different genera and families. In the U.S. the term refers to the American plane tree or buttonwood (Platanus occidentalis), a hardy street tree. The sycamore maple, or mock plane (Acer pseudoplatanus), is sometimes also called simply sycamore. The biblical sycamore, actually the sycamore fig (Ficus sycomorus), was used by the ancient Egyptians to make mummy cases.


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