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adverb any·more \ˌe-nē-ˈmȯr\

Simple Definition of anymore

  • : in the recent or present period of time

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of anymore

  1. 1 :  any longer <I was not moving anymore with my feet — Anaïs Nin>

  2. 2 :  at the present time :  now <hardly a day passes without rain anymore>

Usage Discussion of anymore

Although both anymore and any more are found in written use, in the 20th century anymore is the more common styling. Anymore is regularly used in negative <no one can be natural anymore — May Sarton>, interrogative <do you read much anymore?>, and conditional <if you do that anymore, I'll leave> contexts and in certain positive constructions <the Washingtonian is too sophisticated to believe anymore in solutions — Russell Baker>. In many regions of the United States the use of anymore in sense 2 is quite common in positive constructions, especially in speech <everybody's cool anymore — Bill White> <every time we leave the house anymore, I play a game called “Stump the Housebreaker” — Erma Bombeck>. The positive use appears to have been of Midland origin, but it is now reported to be widespread in all speech areas of the United States except New England.

Examples of anymore in a sentence

  1. I never see them anymore.

  2. <they don't sell that kind of sandwich anymore>

14th Century

First Known Use of anymore

14th century

Rhymes with anymore

albacore, allosaur, alongshore, anaphor, archosaur, at death's door, at one's door, Bangalore, bargain for, Barrymore, canker sore, carnivore, carnosaur, close the door, Coimbatore, come in for, commodore, comprador, consignor, corridor, cuspidor, devisor, dinosaur, door-to-door, double door, Ecuador, either-or, Eleanor, elector, endospore, evermore, except for, forest floor, franchisor, from the floor, furthermore, general store, go in for, guarantor, Gwalior, hackamore, hadrosaur, hellebore, herbivore, heretofore, humidor, in line for, Koko Nor, komondor, Labrador, licensor, Lipitor, louis d'or, madrepore, Mangalore, man-of-war, manticore, matador, meteor, micropore, Minotaur, mirador, more and more, nevermore, not long for, omnivore, open-door, out-of-door, package store, parador, petit four, picador, pinafore, piscivore, pompadour, Pompadour, predator, promisor, pterosaur, saddle sore, sagamore, Salvador, semaphore, servitor, standard score, stand up for, stegosaur, stevedore, stick up for, superstore, sycamore, take the floor, theretofore, to die for, troubadour, tug-of-war, two-by-four, uncalled-for, underscore, unlooked-for, vavasor, warrantor

ANYMORE Defined for Kids


adverb any·more \ˌe-nē-ˈmȯr\

Definition of anymore for Students

  1. :  nowadays <We never see them anymore.>

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