verb \ˈswin-dəl\

: to take money or property from (someone) by using lies or tricks

swin·dledswin·dling \ˈswin(d)-liŋ, ˈswin-dəl-iŋ\

Full Definition of SWINDLE

intransitive verb
:  to obtain money or property by fraud or deceit
transitive verb
:  to take money or property from by fraud or deceit
swin·dler \ˈswin(d)-lər, ˈswin-dəl-ər\ noun

Examples of SWINDLE

  1. <hundreds of people were swindled out of their savings, and all they had to show for it were fake land deeds>

Origin of SWINDLE

back-formation from swindler, from German Schwindler giddy person, from schwindeln to be dizzy, from Old High German swintilōn, frequentative of swintan to diminish, vanish; akin to Old English swindan to vanish
First Known Use: circa 1782

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Definition of SWINDLE

:  an act or instance of swindling :  fraud

Examples of SWINDLE

  1. <a swindle that involved selling a lot of land that really didn't exist>
  2. <identity theft has become one of the most frequent and feared swindles of our time>

First Known Use of SWINDLE



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