sweet potato


sweet potato


: a large root of a tropical plant that has orange skin and orange flesh, that is eaten as a vegetable, and that tastes sweet

Full Definition of SWEET POTATO

:  a tropical vine (Ipomoea batatas) of the morning-glory family with variously shaped leaves and purplish flowers; also :  its large thick sweet and nutritious tuberous root that is cooked and eaten as a vegetable — compare yam 2
:  ocarina

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sweet potato

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Food plant (Ipomoea batatas; family Convolvulaceae) native to tropical America and widely cultivated in tropical and warm temperate climates. Botanically unrelated to the white, or Irish, potato or the yam, sweet potatoes are oblong or pointed oval, tuberous roots. Skin colour ranges from light buff to brown to purplish red; the pulp may be white (highest in starch) to orange (also high in carotene) to purple. Long, trailing plant stems bear funnel-shaped flowers tinged with pink or rose violet. Sweet potatoes are served baked or mashed and used as pie filling.


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