verb \ˈswer\

: to state (something) very strongly and sincerely

: to promise very strongly and sincerely to do or not do something

: to use offensive words when you speak

swore \ˈswr\ sworn \ˈswrn\ swear·ing

Full Definition of SWEAR

transitive verb
:  to utter or take solemnly (an oath)
a :  to assert as true or promise under oath <a sworn affidavit> <swore to uphold the Constitution>
b :  to assert or promise emphatically or earnestly <swore he'd study harder next time>
a :  to put to an oath :  administer an oath to
b :  to bind by an oath <swore them to secrecy>
obsolete :  to invoke the name of (a sacred being) in an oath
:  to bring into a specified state by swearing <swore his life away>
intransitive verb
:  to take an oath
:  to use profane or obscene language :  curse
swear·er noun
swear by
:  to place great confidence in <swears by his mechanic>
swear for
:  to give assurance for :  guarantee
swear off
:  to vow to abstain from :  renounce <swear off smoking>

Examples of SWEAR

  1. He swore revenge on the killers.
  2. I swear to God, I'll kill him if he comes back.
  3. Don't swear in front of the children.
  4. I do solemnly swear to tell the whole truth.

Origin of SWEAR

Middle English sweren, from Old English swerian; akin to Old High German swerien to swear and perhaps to Old Church Slavic svarŭ quarrel
First Known Use: before 12th century



Definition of SWEAR

Examples of SWEAR

  1. I heard him say a swear.
  2. <can't you express your frustration without using swears?>

First Known Use of SWEAR

14th century
SWEAR BY Defined for Kids


verb \ˈswer\
swore \ˈswr\sworn \ˈswrn\swear·ing

Definition of SWEAR for Kids

:  to use bad or vulgar language :  curse
:  to make a statement or promise with sincerity or under oath :  vow <I swear to tell the truth.>
:  to give an oath to <The witness was sworn.>
:  to bind by an oath <He swore them to secrecy.>
:  to be or feel certain <I swear I saw it a minute ago.>


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