adjective \sə-ˈpōzd; 1b & 2a usually -ˈpō-zəd, 3 & 4 often -ˈpōst\

: claimed to be true or real

Full Definition of SUPPOSED

a :  pretended <twelve hours are supposed to elapse between Acts I and II — W. S. Gilbert>
b :  alleged <trusted my supposed friends>
a :  held as an opinion :  believed; also :  mistakenly believed :  imagined <the sight which makes supposed terror true — Shakespeare>
b :  considered probable or certain :  expected <it was not supposed that everybody could master the technical aspects — J. C. Murray>
c :  understood <you will be supposed to refer to my grandaunt — G. B. Shaw>
:  made or fashioned by intent or design <what's that button supposed to do>
a :  required by or as if by authority <soldiers are supposed to obey their commanding officers>
b :  given permission :  permitted <was not supposed to have visitors>
sup·pos·ed·ly \-ˈpō-zəd-lē also -ˈpōzd-lē\ adverb

Examples of SUPPOSED

  1. <this new computer program is a supposed improvement over the old one>

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