adjective \ˈsə-mə-rē also ˈsəm-rē or -ˌmer-ē\

: using few words to give the most important information about something

: done quickly in a way that does not follow the normal process

Full Definition of SUMMARY

:  comprehensive; especially :  covering the main points succinctly
a :  done without delay or formality :  quickly executed <a summary dismissal>
b :  of, relating to, or using a summary proceeding <a summary trial>
sum·mar·i·ly \(ˌ)sə-ˈmer-ə-lē\ adverb

Examples of SUMMARY

  1. a summary account of the accident
  2. <obviously a one-volume encyclopedia can offer only a very summary account of the American Civil War>

Origin of SUMMARY

Middle English, from Medieval Latin summarius, from Latin summa sum
First Known Use: 15th century


noun \ˈsə-mə-rē also ˈsəm-rē\

: a brief statement that gives the most important information about something

plural sum·ma·ries

Full Definition of SUMMARY

:  an abstract, abridgment, or compendium especially of a preceding discourse

Examples of SUMMARY

  1. He concluded the report with a brief summary.
  2. They gave a summary of their progress in building the bridge.

First Known Use of SUMMARY



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