adjective \(ˌ)sək-ˈsiŋ(k)t, sə-ˈsiŋ(k)t\

: using few words to state or express an idea

Full Definition of SUCCINCT

a :  being girded
b :  close-fitting
:  marked by compact precise expression without wasted words <a succinct description>
suc·cinct·ly \-ˈsiŋ(k)t-lē, -ˈsiŋ-klē\ adverb
suc·cinct·ness \-ˈsiŋt-nəs, -ˈsiŋk-nəs\ noun

Examples of SUCCINCT

  1. He gave a succinct overview of the expansion project.
  2. <a pocket guide that provides succinct explanations for rules of grammar and punctuation>
  3. Other experts are in the business of selling their research. Alan Greenspan made his reputation and career as a partner of Townsend-Greenspan, whose clients were a who's who of old Wall Street. Successful research firms can command substantial fees, and buyers demand clear, succinct and unequivocal analysis and predictions. —Zachary Karabell, Newsweek, 9 Mar. 2009

Origin of SUCCINCT

Middle English, from Latin succinctus having one's clothes gathered up by a belt, tightly wrapped, concise, from sub- + cinctus, past participle of cingere to gird — more at cincture
First Known Use: 15th century

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